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Business Ownership Disputes

Michigan Business Ownership Disputes


When founding a business, most entrepreneurs often do not anticipate the many problems that may arise. Business dispute laws can be complicated, but our attorneys are prepared to help you handle your problem.  Since 1995, we have been helping clients handle business ownership disputes, including:

On other pages on this site, you will see detailed discussions about business dispute cases with which the attorneys at Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett are experienced. None of these pages is intended to be legal advice, and, unlike many lawyers’ websites, these pages are not written for other lawyers. These pages are written for you, the client, to help you understand when a lawyer’s services can be of value to you and what questions you will want to ask. To see questions many of our past clients have asked, please visit our small business FAQs.

At Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett, we aim to help you understand the important questions involved in business ownership disputes. This knowledge will help you become an informed client who can be an active partner with your attorney to achieve the best results in your lawsuit.


Choose a Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett Business Dispute Attorney

In most states, including Michigan, lawyers can claim to be trial attorneys, probate attorneys, divorce attorneys, or any other specialty without any real expertise in the field. These claims will make it more difficult to choose an appropriate lawyer for your case.

Here are some questions you should keep in mind to choose the right attorney:

  • Do you regularly handle business dispute cases?
  • Do you have any cases like mine right now, or have you recently concluded any?
  • Is this the only kind of case you handle?
  • Are you a generalist who handles this, but also other types of kinds of cases?
  • Are you a member of any associations or groups that focus on business dispute cases?
  • How many years have you been practicing business dispute law?

You can rest assured that the Michigan business dispute attorneys at Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett are well-practiced and knowledgeable in all the areas of business in which they practice.  If you are considering filing a business dispute lawsuit in Michigan, our attorneys will be happy to help immediately.  Just call 248-785-0102 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.


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