Business Formation Mistakes

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Business Formation Mistakes

Avoiding Mistakes When Establishing a Michigan Business

At Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett, our Michigan business formation lawyers know that establishing a business is exciting and it is hard to consider the business formation mistakes that will arise.

It has often been said that the two things that destroy a business the fastest are too little success or too much success. The former sets the owners at each other’s throats, assessing blame on each other and their employees. The latter sparks jealousy and unhealthy arguments about who is entitled to what and why.

When establishing a business with the experienced business formation attorneys at Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett, we insist that the clients work with us to anticipate and plan for problems that are virtually certain to arise. The most common business formation mistakes include:

We’d also like to invite you to consider the five things you should think about before going into a partnership. By answering these questions before your free consultation, we can help you establish your business quickly and efficiently, allowing you to pursue your goals.

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