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Firm Overview

Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett: Michigan Business and Civil Litigation Attorneys

Our Focus at Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett

Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett, P.C. is a trial practice specializing in litigation across a broad spectrum, including:

The business and civil litigation attorneys at Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett have represented major corporations against government entities and established a major Michigan precedent involving the regulation of international transportation facilities. On the defense side, our attorneys have represented major trucking companies in truck accident litigation and pension fund litigation. Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett also handles appellate work on its own cases and for other lawyers or firms.

Bill Seikaly has handled major automotive product cases against all of the U.S. manufacturers and many foreign manufacturers involving crash-worthiness, design failures and manufacturing defects. The firm has successfully pursued farm implement manufacturers for defects in farm equipment and has represented both employers and employees in covenant-not-to-compete litigation.

Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett History

Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett, P.C. was formed in 1995. Before that, Bill Seikaly practiced at one of the foremost automotive product liability firms in the country, Goodman, Lister Seikaly & Peters, P.C. At this firm, Seikaly learned how to litigate in the high-stakes world of devastating vehicle accidents, where the Big Three and other automobile manufacturers spared no expense or tactic to protect their products and companies. Bill left his firm in 1992 and practiced on his own for three years before joining with Jeff Stewart to form Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett.

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