20 years of litigation experience in Michigan.

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20 years of litigation
experience in Michigan

Firm Overview

Practice Areas

Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett is a Michigan litigation law firm founded in 1995 that specializes in civil matters from personal injury to business litigation. Although our firm finds its roots in automotive product liability, medical malpractice, school law, and general personal injury, the firm has extended its reach to business litigation over the past 10 years. Our areas of expertise include: Business Formation, Business Ownership Disputes, Civil Litigation, Student Protection


Jeffrey Stewart obtains $4 million in damages for widow of man who died after Toledo physician’s negligence

Bill Seikaly discusses student protection with Frank Beckmann on WJR



Who We Are

At Seikaly, Stewart & Bennett, our business and civil litigation attorneys have represented some of the state’s biggest companies against governmental entities and established a major precedent in the State of Michigan involving the regulation of international transportation facilities. On the defense side, our Michigan personal injury attorneys have represented major trucking companies in truck accident litigation and pension fund litigation. We also handle appeals for our own cases and for other lawyers or firms.

What We Do

Although we are experienced in representing big companies with large litigation budgets, we have never stopped representing small, family-owned businesses that need affordable and effective representation. We understand that litigation can involve runaway costs and that most businesses simply cannot afford what litigation in the 21st century can easily cost. We believe in strategic approaches that avoid unnecessary expense while maximizing the chances for success or early resolution.

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From Judges who are in a position to Judge

“Jeff Stewart and Bill Seikaly are remarkable lawyers who, between them, uncovered the liability in three seemingly unwinnable cases tried in my courtroom.”

William J. Giovan

Former Wayne County Court Judge - Charfoos, Giovan & Birach LLP Attorneys at Law

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